Groups Use Text Message and SMS Marketing

Group Text Messaging with TextAware

Group Messages have become a staple within friend groups and social settings, but they have a growing place in the work space!

Whether you want to keep your team updated on the latest schedule change or need to send an important emergency alert, TextAware’s Group Messaging features allow you to keep your team up-to-date and your clients in the loop no matter the situation.


What are Group Texts?

Group Texts are when you use text messaging services to communicate with small or large groups of people instantaneously.

Whether you’re a manager and need to send your teammates an update on goals for the week, or you’re the CEO and want to send a text inviting the office to an employee appreciation luncheon, group texts are a great way to communicate personally with the members of your team.

Benefits of Group Messaging

No matter the size of your business, group messaging can benefit your business. Here’s how:

  • High Open Rates – The average open rate for text messages is 98 % – nearly five times the open rate of emails. If you need to send critical updates to your employees, group texts are the most effective form of employee communication
  • No Sign Up Required – Between internal systems and benefit programs, employees have to manage multiple logins and accounts. Since everyone has a cellphone, group texts allow for quicker communication with your employees with no extra hassle
  • After Hours Communication – Not everyone has access to their work email after 5 PM. Make sure your employees are up to date with a quick text blast, even after hours.

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