Retail Stores Use Text Message and SMS Marketing

Text Message Marketing for Retail Stores

Take your store’s marketing to the next level with TextAware.

No matter the size or nature of the business, TextAware gives you all the tools you need to connect with your customers in a new, more personal way.


How Can Text Message Marketing help my Business?

SMS Marketing is a great way to reach your customers where they are – on their phones! Whether you want to reach all your customers to remind them to check out your store, or you want to offer a special promotion to a select segment, text message marketing platforms like TextAware give you all the tools you need to start messaging today and drive customers to your store.

Operate online? No problem! Almost 77% of all e-commerce shopping is done on smartphones – get ahead of that using TextAware! Using text blasts and a well crafted text message, you can effectively drive customers to your online storefront right on their phone.

How to Apply SMS to Your Retail Store

  • Mobile Only Offers –  Discounts offered exclusively through your TextAware Campaigns are an effective way to bring customers into your business

  • Promote Events – Hosting a special event or a one-day sale? Let your customers know instantly with a text blast!

  • New Product Alerts – keep your customers informed on the latest addition to the lineup, or let them know when their favorite seasonal items are being restocked

  • Customer Appreciation Programs – Want to thank your customers? Offer them a special discount or item for their birthday, for a holiday, or just as a thank you for being a patron!

Using TextAware for Retail Stores

TextAware’s feature rich & easy to use platform gives you all the tools you need to grow your business. Whether you’re looking to thank your most loyal of customers, or want to offer a special promotions to drive customers to your site, TextAware makes it easier than ever to connect with your customers and drive sales. Start texting today – the first 50 messages are on us!

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